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K-8 Parent Night Webinar

April 17th, 2024, 7-8:30PM

(This event has already occurred. You can watch the video recording below.)

K-8 Parent Info Night Webinar Overview

During the parent night, we’ll provide up-to-date information and time-tested strategies to support your elementary and middle school children’s success throughout these crucial stages.

You’ll walk away from this webinar with an understanding of:

  • common challenges like learning loss and issues with organization
  • transitions and new demands like moving between schools or grade
  • how AJ Tutoring helps K-8 students build skills and confidence
  • how parents can best support their K-8 students

Our virtual K-8 Parent Night is primarily helpful for parents of students in kindergarten through 8th grade, but all parents are welcome! The session concludes with a Q&A to address any questions you may have.


K-8 Parent Info Night Webinar Speaker

Elizabeth Emery

Title: K-8 Director @ AJ Tutoring

Born in Fremont and raised in Redwood City and San Carlos, Elizabeth earned her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with a minor in Special Education from SF State. She discovered her love for teaching as a swim instructor at 16 and later became a peer tutor throughout high school and college. With a background in private college preparatory education and varsity athletics, she brings warmth, compassion, and humor to her sessions, focusing on time management, organization, and personalized learning styles for younger students.


Learning Differences Webinar Speaker

Merylynn Valencia

Title: San Mateo Tutoring Center Director at AJ Tutoring

From a young age, Merylynn has had a genuine fascination with numbers, often arriving at school early to complete extra math worksheets. Throughout high school, she tutored Mathematics, primarily supporting low-income students of color, and became a role model for young girls and boys. With a BS in Statistical Science from UC Santa Barbara, Merylynn now uses her passion for learning to help younger students find understanding and enthusiasm in their math courses, tailoring each lesson to their unique needs.

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