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For-Credit Coursework Parent Night Webinar 2024

May 8th, 2024, 7-8:30PM

(This event has already occurred. You can watch the video recording below)

For Credit Coursework Webinar Overview

A strong transcript is the foundation of a successful college application. It tells the story of a student’s education so far: subjects explored, risks taken, and lessons learned. For-credit coursework allows students to maximize the options and customization they have and strengthen the center-piece of their application.

In this webinar  you’ll learn about our WASC-accredited and UC/CSU-approved courses and how they can strenghen your student’s transcript and GPA.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How to use for-credit instruction: students can get credit recovery, move up a lane, take additional AP courses, and explore subjects not offered at school
  • How it works: 1-on-1 and small group classes offered through High Bluff Academy at AJ locations employ a personalized, mastery-based approach that allows students to move at their own pace
  • Benefits of for-credit: Learn how earning credit early can impact your child’s academic future, both in high school and looking ahead to college
  • Options for middle school students: You can now make use of for-credit instruction if you are in middle school! Learn how that works and how it might help your student

This parent night is primarily applicable to families of 6th-11th graders, but all are welcome. The session concludes with a Q&A to address any questions you may have.


For-Credit Coursework Webinar Speaker

Samantha Crimmins

Title: For-Credit Operations Manager AJ Tutoring

I was born in Virginia, but I was raised and educated like a global nomad. I had the privilege of living in Virginia, Florida, Spain, California, Alaska, and Hawaii before I’d turned eighteen. I earned my bachelor’s degree in behavioral neuroscience from Northeastern University, and now I’m the For-Credit Operation Manager at AJ Tutoring. i’m looking forward to sharing my expertise on our WASC accredited A-G approved course recovery program.

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