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If your student is planning to start the application process for private middle or high schools, we’ve got you covered!

In addition to entrance exams like the ISEE, SSAT, or HSPT, students are often required to interview and submit writing samples. Interviews are high-pressure, and even the most outgoing students struggle. The writing sample is likely the first timed, high-stakes essay they’ll take.

Fortunately, both are highly coachable, and AJ Tutoring has experience getting students ready!

Writing Sample Prep

AJ Tutoring’s private school admissions tutors work with their students on essay organization, timing strategies, writing mechanics, and adaptable content to ensure students are prepared for their timed writing sample.

Interview Coaching

Our tutors help coach their students on private school admissions interviews, preparing them for every step of the interview process from greeting to saying goodbye and practicing answers to the types of questions interviewers might ask.


Preparing for the Writing Sample

  • Students will complete a writing sample one of two ways: as part of an entrance exam, or on a separate timed, proctored date. Either way, the private school writing sample is often students’ first experience with higher-stakes timed writing.
  • Students will not receive the writing sample prompt ahead of time, so working with a tutor to workshop flexible content and practice timed writing is valuable preparation. Tutors also work with students on essay organization, timing strategies, and the mechanics of excellent writing.
  • Students who aren’t working with a tutor to prepare for an entrance exam typically complete six sessions to get ready for the writing sample. Students who are preparing for an entrance exam with a tutor will cover the writing sample as part of that preparation.

“With her tutor’s coaching, my daughter did well and got admission into her dream private schools this year!”

– a Los Altos parent


Interview Coaching

  • Every student applying to private schools will need to go through the interview process. While interviews can be fun and conversational, interviewers are also looking at how students interact with adults, students’ thought process and communication style, and their intellectual and emotional maturity.
  • Many young students are understandably anxious about interviews, but they don’t have to be – practice is the best way to manage nervousness and help students show their best selves!
  • Our private school admissions tutors typically work with students for four sessions to get them ready for interviews. Interview coaching includes practice with the types of questions private school interviewers have asked in past years, ideas for how to present yourself effectively in interviews, and mock interviews with feedback.

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