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Looking for an opportunity to showcase your skills beyond the SAT? Let AJ Tutoring help you with the SAT Subject Tests.

SAT Subject test prep sessions


We meet with students for three or four 90-minute sessions per subject, and students complete two 60-minute practice tests for homework.

Course Content

We cover test-taking skills such as timing, guessing strategy, and question interpretation. Based on a student’s performance on the first practice test, we pinpoint and fill in content gaps.


We use proprietary materials, updated annually to reflect the current content and format of each SAT subject test.

Is your student taking an SAT subject test in fall 2020?

We have a new tutoring package this year to help students prepare: extended prep for SAT subject tests!

Many students take SAT subject tests in May or June when the material from their course is fresh in their minds. With Covid-19 canceling the May and June 2020 SAT subject test dates, the earliest students can take a subject test is this fall.

Now that August 2020 is the earliest available option for subject tests, we’ve updated our standard SAT subject test tutoring program to include more content review and more practice tests. Additional SAT subject sessions will help students learn the material they may have missed during school closures in the spring and ensure that the content and strategies remain fresh over the summer.


The SAT subject extended prep plan includes:

1. A comprehensive at-home diagnostic exam

You will complete a pre-preparation diagnostic exam which we will review in the first tutoring session to ensure a highly customized coaching experience that covers all of what you need, and none of what you don’t.

2. Eight tutoring sessions (1.5 hours each)

We will review the most important content that will be covered on test day, including material from earlier in the year that may be forgotten as well as material that was not covered. In addition, we will coach you on key test-taking strategies for evaluating questions and navigating the fast-paced timing of the exams.

3. Weekly practice questions for homework

In order to apply what you are learning, you will complete weekly practice questions between sessions that simulate the question types on the actual exam. We will go through your answers and target any areas for review in the tutoring sessions.


You can purchase this package for a 22% discount off your tutor’s billable rate to be paid before the first tutoring session. For example, for a tutor who charges $160/hr for test preparation, you can purchase the package for $1500, a 22% discount from the typical price of $1920 for 12 hours of tutoring. This price includes all of the materials, curriculum, and sessions.

Please note that this package can only be used to prepare for a single SAT Subject Test. The extended curriculum is designed for 8 sessions. However, our standard 1-on-1, pay as you go format is always available!

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Insider tip:

 While we have an excellent record of success with all of the subjects, our biggest score increases come from the Math Level 2 SAT Subject Test, with many students improving over 100 points. 
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More information about the SAT Subject Tests

Unlike the broad SAT, the SAT Subject tests focus on specific subjects taught in school. Because students are already preparing for finals at the end of the junior year, May or June is a good time to take the SAT Subject tests. Acing the SAT Subject tests is a great way to show what you’ve learned throughout the year.

The best way to see which SAT Subject tests are right for you is to take practice tests and score them. You can also order The Official Study Guide for All SAT Subject Tests through the College Board.

Although the University of California system no longer requires the SAT Subject tests, it recommends them for students seeking to distinguish themselves in a competitive field. A few colleges that recommend or require two SAT Subject tests or the ACT are Brown University, Georgetown University, Caltech, Rice University, and Tufts University.

Meet a few of our professional SAT Subject test tutors


Robert Jonas

SAT Subject Tests tutored: Chemistry, Math2, Math1, Literature

Offices served: Palo Alto

“Over the last five years, I have spent as a test prep and chemistry tutor at AJ, I have helped hundreds of students improve their SAT/ACT scores and expand their knowledge of and appreciation for chemistry. I am proud to serve as the head of AJ’s chemistry department!”

Holly Hong

SAT Subject Tests tutored: Math2, Literature, Bio E/M

Offices served: San Mateo

“I find it rewarding to help my students develop confidence in exams that many find intimidating and to teach them testing skills they can use in high school, college, and beyond.”


Katie Noice

SAT Subject Tests tutored: U.S. History and World History

Offices served: Menlo Park and San Carlos

“For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by history. I’ve spent vast swathes of my life obsessed with one historical period or another, ranging from Elizabethan England to the American Civil War to Classical Rome.”

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