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Are you struggling with AP Economics?

At first, economics can seem like a lot of scattered information. Your expert tutor will illuminate the unifying principles of economics by helping you see their role in real life. Learn how market forces underlie your everyday decisions!


AP Ecomonics

AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics

For many students, the jump to college-level critical thinking and analysis can be a challenge, especially in the context of learning to integrate quantitative and qualitative analysis. In addition to modeling best practices for studying and memorization, your AJ tutor will help you hone your analytical chops as you interpret and synthesize data from written and graphical sources.

AP Test Prep

We help students prep for both the the AP Macro and Micro exams by reviewing content and preparing students to demonstrate their knowledge on the exam.

The AP Economic exams ask students to demonstrate command of micro- or macroeconomic principles via multiple choice and free response assessments. The two exams are separate.

Exam time: 2 hours and 10 minutes each.

Our Economics tutors have all taken the published exams themselves and are familiar with the content and conventions of the test. Our goal is to minimize the anxiety of this challenging exam.

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Students love AJ Tutoring.

 The center is awesome and the one-on-one tutoring really plays to students' individual strengths and weaknesses. 
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We’ve built our business by selecting great teachers, training them extensively, and providing them with ongoing support. Students benefit from our investment and have enabled us to grow exclusively by word of mouth.


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We make learning fun. When you work with a caring and energetic tutor who is invested in your success, you can’t help but enjoy your time at AJ Tutoring!


Team Approach

Everyone at AJ Tutoring is in sync so that we can adapt our program to meet your needs. You’ll benefit from the knowledge of our entire team.



Real-World Knowledge

We help students master content and strategies and then apply them in practice.

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