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AP European History

Academic Tutoring

In 1450, Gutenberg’s printing press revolutionized Europe, and in this course you’ll investigate the entire continent’s modern history. For many sophomores, AP Euro represents the single greatest leap from one academic year to the next not only in breadth—you’ll cover 500+ years of processes, events and developments—but also in depth—you’ll produce extensively researched argumentative essays. Experts in European history, our AJ tutors are here to help you adjust to the reading, writing, and critical thinking demands of a college-level course.

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AP Test Prep

On the AP European History Exam, students answer a combination of multiple choice, short answer, and two essay questions in which they must demonstrate insight into significant movements or periods in modern European history. Exam time: 3 hours and 15 minutes

Our history buffs are here to help your prepare for the AP test.

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Test Prep and Academic Tutor

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Director of Client Services and Tutor

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Client Services Director and Tutor

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