Andrew Houghton

Director of Client Services

I was born in the north west of England, between the cities of Manchester and Liverpool. I lived there through my entire childhood, along with my three younger brothers. Having developed a passion for physics in high school, I went to the University of Manchester and obtained my master’s degree. I was very lucky in this, as the University of Manchester is one of the leading lights in the field of physics, and I got to study under some very well-renowned physicists.

After I finished my degree, I moved to the outskirts of London, where I worked for a company that developed and ran simulators for the British Armed Forces. This was a lot of fun, as these simulators are basically giant kids’ toys, and I really enjoyed working there. However, I made the decision to relocate to the United States to be with my then-fiancée. I got a job for an oil and gas firm in San Luis Obispo, California, that gave me a fantastic opportunity to branch into a new field. But, physics kept calling to me, and I felt I had to make a move back, so I took my family up to the bay area, where I started tutoring with AJ Tutoring. My brothers had always turned to me for help with their science and math homework, so 1-on-1 tutoring comes naturally to me.

My high school physics teacher really inspired me by making the subject both challenging and engaging, and that is what I strive to do for my students. I love to see students really picking up the material and realizing that they do know more than they thought. Physics is the science that underpins everything in our lives, down to the most fundamental level, so I feel that we all should be able to get excited about understanding that better.

As a tutor, my goal has always been to help students to see and reach their full potential. I find nothing more satisfying that helping a student prove to themselves that they can do something they have adamantly told me they would never be capable of. We are all capable of more than we think, and it is my job to help students realize that.

In my free time, I am an avid rugby fan and have my qualifications in refereeing and coaching the sport. I am also a keen biker and enjoy playing tennis with my wife. When I need to unwind, I enjoy nothing so much as a good board game, finding solace in nature, and taking my dog Winnie for long hikes in the countryside.

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