Kristin Jusi

Palo Alto Office Director, Test Prep & Academic Tutor

I grew up in the Inland Empire in Southern California. I attended a relatively large high school with fantastic honors and AP teachers and ended up receiving a scholarship at UC Riverside. I attended UC Riverside and graduated with my BS in biology. I strongly felt that my high school AP teachers set me up for the successes I experienced in college, but it was my AP Biology teacher that had the most profound impact on me. Funny enough, AP Biology was the class that nearly defeated me in high school, but I was determined to overcome that challenge. (It was, ironically, the challenges I faced in AP Biology that inspired me to major in Bio in college.) I spent countless lunches, office hours, weekends, and even some school breaks attending my teacher’s guided study sessions and seeking advice on how to succeed in her class. What she taught me in those hours—study skills, how to listen, how to absorb, and how to inspire—were invaluable to my success in college and my career in education.

I began tutoring in my senior year of college, not only teaching academics and test prep, but also spearheading the academic coaching program. The connections I made with my students and the responses that I received from them solidified my passion to pursue a career in education. My love for tutoring and education as a whole started when I started to see the flicker of understanding in my students’ eyes as they finally understood a concept, but what was most rewarding for me was seeing my students, year after year, find success and get into the colleges of their dreams.

Since then, I have spent my time mastering the ins and outs of test preparation, the academic timeline, and study skills. Being able to take part in the educational process so holistically allowed me to ultimately set each of my students up for success. As a tutor and an academic coach, I learned patience and how to communicate with all types of students. I also gained invaluable knowledge about the education field, the competitiveness and importance of test scores, the importance of activities outside the classroom, and the power of a personal statement. That knowledge, in turn, allowed me to guide my students through their high school careers beginning early enough to help prepare them for college in the future.

I began my tutoring career with the hope of inspiring and engaging my students the way my instructors had always inspired and engaged me. The one-on-one tutoring approach allowed me to get to know each of my students on a personal and academic basis. It was in our individual sessions that I learned how to motivate and creatively teach the same material in order to cater to different learning styles. Understanding that all of my students had a different foundation and needs allowed me to quickly learn to adapt my teaching style to a multitude of different students. I believe in instilling confidence in all students I teach; for me, the knowledge that my instructors had always been my advocates was what fueled my desire to learn. I believe in positive reinforcement and in providing students the necessary tools (both knowledge and study skills), and also helping to foster a positive mindset when it comes to learning.

When not teaching, I enjoy football (Go Packers!), piano, calligraphy, my puppy, and making my way through lists of great reads!

Subjects Tutored

SAT Subject Math2
SAT Subject Literature
SAT Subject Biology E/M
Academic Biology
Academic K-8
AP Biology

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