Tomas Alvarez

Los Gatos Office Manager

I grew up between Chile and California and attended Lincoln High School in San Jose. I went on to study linguistics at San Jose State University, even though, as a child, I wanted to grow up to become a meteorologist.

Those who know me will say that I always have a book in my backpack and that on any given day I am in the middle of two or three books. In fact, the bulk of my personal belongings consists of books. I am also an avid language learner, and I speak English, Spanish, and French.

As someone who received tutoring at a crucial time in his high school career, I recognize the value and importance of having a safe place to work on one’s knowledge gaps, and I enjoy helping AJT tutors provide such a space for their students.

In my free time, you can find me at my local library or any of the used bookstores the Bay Area has to offer.

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