Alanna Simao

Test Prep Tutor

Though I have always been an intellectually curious, hard-working student, it was during my undergraduate career at Stanford University that I really began to hone my skills and explore many new academic areas. After much deliberation (because I wanted to study everything!), I finally settled on the Classics major. This interdisciplinary area of study allowed my to explore all facets of the Ancient Mediterranean, including Art History, Latin Literature, History, and Archaeology. With only thirty fellow undergraduates in my department, many of my classes were very small, allowing for individualized attention from professors.

Having approachable mentors who were willing to help me learn on an individual level was the key to my success at Stanford and is also what brought me to AJ Tutoring. The one-on-one sessions allow for truly personalized education in a way that is not available in the classroom. Having gained so much from the guidance of my college mentors, I enjoy providing students with the same individualized support.

As a test preparation tutor, I enjoy sharing my SAT and ACT expertise with students seeking to improve their scores. My approach is designed to maximize the benefits of 1-on-1 sessions through a targeted, systematic preparation that fills in a student’s knowledge gaps while bolstering test-taking skills such as time management and multiple-choice strategy. I always enjoy seeing how, over time, questions that once seemed tricky can become familiar and predictable.

In my free time, I enjoy visiting museums, geeking out over DC comics, traveling the world, and going to the beach!

Subjects Tutored

SAT Subject Math2
SAT Subject Literature
Academic English
Academic US History
Academic Government
Academic Study Skills
AP US History
AP U.S. Government & Politics

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