Alex Chernikov

Test Prep and Academic Tutor

I grew up in the Bay Area and found myself always surrounded by remarkable people and ideas. Growing up, I found that some of my most influential role models have been teachers, coaches, professors, and tutors. Their positive influence upon my life is what inspired me to pick up tutoring.

I graduated from UC Davis with a BS in statistics and a BA in philosophy. At UC Davis, I found that the most impactful professors showed great care for their students’ success both within and outside of the classroom. I also played soccer at a collegiate level my freshman year and sophomore year, and my coach provided weekly mandatory study sessions to our team. Since I had often already completed my weekly homework before these sessions, I spent the time helping my teammates with their work. My favorite subject to teach during this time was calculus, as I found it the most rewarding. I learned to work within and build upon each individual’s personal strengths and limits to achieve maximal success. Seeing people who struggled at first succeed in understanding a subject and build enough confidence to excel with present and future classes became one of the most rewarding things I have experienced.

I have always had an interest in mathematics in both theoretical and practical applications. My college education has made me appreciate calculus as a backbone within statistics and machine learning. I find it interesting how students build up, apply and go along with their newfound understanding of mathematical principles. As an educator, I can fully value the importance of teaching in a way which connects a student to the material in both a practical and engaging way, especially when it makes the student critically engage with the material outside of class on their own accord.

My tutoring philosophy is to build up a conceptual understanding of the subject and filling in any gaps which may have been present. This is greatly aided within a one-on-one format, as each student has their unique quirks that need to be catered to. In addition to math, I enjoy helping students develop the critical thinking, test taking strategies, and confidence to help them succeed on the SAT and ACT.

Outside of tutoring, you can find me creating visual art (mostly photography and videography), fishing, reading, and trying to educate myself about topics well outside of my specialization.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Calculus
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC


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