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I was born and brought up in the Bay Area. After graduating from Cupertino High School, I headed over to Williams College, where I graduated with a degree in math. I actually never intended to major in math when I started college. I enjoyed the subject in high school, but never enough to consider majoring in it. When I got to college, however, I ended up taking a few math classes with some truly excellent and engaging professors. I realized that math was a creative and beautiful subject. I also started to understand the importance of enthusiastic teachers who communicate their excitement for math to students.

After my first year of college, I began taking as many math courses as I could. I was lucky enough to study abroad in Budapest during my junior year, where I got to take courses I wouldn’t have been able to take at Williams. I also participated in a math research program the summer after my junior year and wrote a math thesis during my senior year. I became passionate about the challenge of wrapping my mind around new concepts and the creative process involved in problem solving, which I never really got to experience until after high school. My time as a prospective mathematician also convinced me that math is something that anybody, given enough time and encouragement, can learn and enjoy.

While I was a student, I served as a peer tutor for two years, which involved helping my fellow students with Calculus and Applied Topology for four hours every week. Working as a peer tutor helped me realize my interest in mathematics education in general and tutoring in particular. In my senior year, I worked as a teaching assistant for Linear Algebra and Partial Differential Equations. I also was a mentor and later treasurer for Leaders Working, a student-run group at Williams which focused on helping financially underprivileged high school students get accepted to and succeed in college. Through these experiences, I discovered that I enjoyed working with students as much as I enjoyed learning about math.

I strive to be a versatile, flexible, and empathetic tutor. Different people learn in different ways, and I do whatever it takes to help my students gain a deeper understanding of their coursework, whether that requires me to draw pictures, work through calculations, or tell stories about equations. I try to emphasize effective problem solving strategies and elegant proof techniques over memorization and formulas. In addition to helping students become more skilled mathematicians, I go out of my way to convey my enthusiasm for math, which helps students tackle problems with confidence rather than dread. At some point, most of us, myself included, have been afraid of math, and I want to help my students get over this fear. I have found that a 1-on-1 setting is most effective for helping me achieve these goals because I get to know my students much better than I would be able to in larger settings.

In my spare time, I enjoy watching basketball, talking about basketball with my friends, listening to music, talking about music with my friends, going on hikes, talking about hikes with my friends, making new friends, and talking about my new friends with my friends.

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