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I grew up in sunny Southern California, and saw college as an opportunity to explore a new place. While I was accepted to several schools, including University of Chicago, I chose to attend Wesleyan University because I wanted the small, liberal arts school education. While majoring in English there, I worked as a tutor and was impressed by the diverse ways in which students learn and absorb new ideas. The experience ignited my enthusiasm for teaching, and supporting my students in not only developing their understanding but also making the process of learning approachable, engaging, and enjoyable offers many rewards. I believe education should feel natural, where the subject and its meaningfulness in our lives can be appreciated and where the student’s unique gifts, interests, and learning style are supported.

I can relate to students whose strong suit isn’t English, or who don’t enjoy their English classes much. When I was in high school, my strongest subjects were actually Math, History, and Science, and English classes just didn’t appeal to me as much. Unlike my math and science classes, which offered the reward of a definite answer, English was too nebulous, and at times could even seem pointless. It wasn’t until taking a foundational English class in college, when one English professor influenced me to appreciate literature and good writing. Writing essays for her class was a challenge, but her individualized attention in office hours helped me greatly. Thus I was inspired to major in English.

I aim to help my students gain the same appreciation and understanding that I did through my own dedication to teaching today. One of the core principles in my practice is encouraging a growth mindset. I strive to ensure that students understand that we aren’t striving for perfection but rather improvement, and that improvement–especially in skills as complex as reading and writing–takes time and dedication! I also meet students where they are by deeply listening and empathizing with them so that I can understand their needs and learning style. I adjust my approach if it seems like something is not clicking and persistently work to find the ways that will be most supportive for each student. Considering a variety of materials in our lessons help students foster an appreciation for English, and I make sure to balance our time spent on general discussion and skill-building.

My philosophy and approach to testing the SAT and ACT is no different. I carefully seek to understand my students’ needs while ensuring the process is fun and confidence-building. When students first encounter standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT, they’re often confused by the format of the exam, intimidated by the breadth of content covered, and nervous about the effects on college admissions. I enjoy helping students unpack challenging sections and kinds of questions because I love seeing each of them grow in confidence as they connect what they’ve learned to what they need to know for the exam. Through practice and coaching, each learner can maximize his or her potential on test day, and it’s an honor to help my students on their path to optimal performance!

Outside of tutoring, I enjoy practicing guitar, cooking, hiking, and seeing friends.

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