Ansel Morris

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As a Bay Area native, I grew up in Portola Valley and went to high school at Woodside Priory School. After graduating from high school, I began working towards my degree in computer science at Santa Clara University. During my time at Santa Clara, I found that while I enjoyed doing work in my engineering classes, I found it even more satisfying supporting those around me who had difficulty understanding the material. I often wished I had the opportunity to teach some of my classes as I felt there was a disconnect between some of the professors who had been teaching the same material for a long time and the students trying to learn the concepts for the first time.

Growing up, I always had a passion for teaching, which I was first able to explore by tutoring my younger brother throughout the years. During my time in college I regularly tutored classmates, and by the time I graduated from college I had discovered I not only found it fulfilling to teach others, but also had a natural talent for it. 

Although I was a computer science major in college, I’ve always been drawn to mathematics. I did not have enough space in my schedule to be a double major, but the computer science program at Santa Clara University allowed me to take a large number of math courses. In my experience, math can be a polarizing subject in that it comes naturally to some, but can be extremely difficult for others to understand. I have found that it is rewarding to teach both those who are passionate about the material and those who are not as naturally inclined to the subject.

My approach to tutoring is based around empathy and understanding. I strongly feel that in order to best help a student learn, it is important to understand their perspective before identifying where they may be struggling. One educational issue I experienced over and over in my schooling is teachers simply conveying information and leaving the onus on the students to comprehend it. One of the benefits of a 1-on-1 format is that it alters the teaching dynamic so that instead of trying to disperse information efficiently to many students at once, the goal becomes ensuring that each student understands the information and concepts in their entirety.

In my free time I am an avid runner, a frequent tennis player, and a weekly participant in a soccer league.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Calculus
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC


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