Arvid Samuelson

Test Prep Tutor

After living in Sweden and England while growing up, I moved to California and earned my BA in intensive psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. My interest in psychology came from a natural fascination in both my own actions and the actions of those around me. Seeing how people would react differently to similar situations provoked a lot of introspection: Why did that person decide to do what they did? What were they thinking? How did they come to care about the things they do? I would turn these questions on myself as well, reflecting on my decisions, emotions, and beliefs. As a result, I dove into academic research as soon as I had the chance.

My passion for education comes from a long list of dedicated mentors who helped me become who I am today. As a first-generation student, I was incredibly fortunate to have people who helped me navigate the academic world. Mentorship is one of the best aspects of research, and I want to translate this appreciation into helping the next generation of learners. Through my previous experiences with students, including counseling at summer camps, working in behavioral therapy for children with autism, and mentoring undergraduate students, I came to love partnering with a student and watching them grow to achieve their goals.

Tutoring mathematics, along with the SAT and ACT, at AJ Tutoring allows me to work with students to utilize their strengths, bolster areas they find challenging, and realize their potential, all of which I find immensely rewarding. As a psychologist, I appreciate the intricacies of individuals, and I am excited to find the best ways for each student to succeed to their highest ability.

Outside of education and research, you can typically find me going to the gym, making a mess in the kitchen, or playing video games.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Algebra 2
Academic Trigonometry
Academic Pre-Calculus
Academic Statistics
AP Statistics


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