Caitlin Baker

Test Prep and Academic Tutor

I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, and attended Soquel High School. I went on to attend Santa Clara University, where I received my bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. As a freshman in college, I received tutoring during my first year of general chemistry. It was then that I developed a great appreciation for the one-on-one tutoring model. My tutoring sessions were a dedicated time to ask questions, tackle gaps in my content knowledge, and develop stronger study skills. I went from viewing tutoring as something only struggling students did, to realizing that seeking support and asking questions is an integral part of becoming a top student. Seeing the benefits of tutoring in my own academic career motivated me to want to become a tutor and work closely with students.

I always loved science as a middle and high school student. I entered college as an undeclared major, but once I took organic chemistry, I knew chemistry was for me. I love the logical problem-solving that is involved in chemistry and, most of all, I love working in the laboratory. I think many students are intimidated by the subject because it is the first math- and logic-heavy science they are introduced too. I aim to show students that chemistry can be fun and that it is foundational knowledge for further study in the physical and life sciences.

Before coming to AJ, I was a small group and one-on-one tutor for over six years. I worked for the Santa Clara University Drahmann Center as a general and organic chemistry tutor, and I also served as a laboratory teaching assistant in these subjects. Working with college students deepened and stretched my own content knowledge in chemistry and helped me to refine my teaching style. I loved the feeling of helping others understand the material and improve their grades. After leaving SCU, I worked as a tutor for students in the Santa Cruz County area in chemistry, biology and math.

At AJ, I take a student-centered approach to learning. I try to incorporate a student’s interests and strengths into developing a plan to address weaknesses and achieve goals. I help students not only build content knowledge, but also develop life and study skills so that they can be successful throughout their academic careers. I have worked with a wide range of students throughout my tutoring career, from students struggling with basics to motivated students striving for excellence. Overall, I am a firm believer that practice and hard work are the keys to success. Any student can succeed with the right attitude and support.

When not tutoring, I am an avid tennis player, and I play tournaments and on USTA league teams. I spend many winter weekends skiing in Tahoe, and I am also SCUBA certified and enjoy diving in Monterey and traveling to other destinations around the world.

Subjects Tutored

SAT Subject Math2
SAT Subject Literature
SAT Subject Chemistry
Academic Chemistry
AP Chemistry

Offices Served

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 I really though the tips and strategies given made me more confident with the SAT. Tutor was also supportive with wrong answers and always had suggestions on how to improve.  Read what others are saying.

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