Carmel Richard

Burlingame Office Director, Test Prep & Academic Tutor

I earned my BA from Thomas Aquinas College, where I majored in Philosophy and Theology and minored in Mathematics. Although I had been tutoring students throughout high school, my college education deepened my ability and love for tutoring. I learned a wide variety of subjects from a diversity of thinkers without the mediation of textbooks. Whether I was presenting one of Euclid’s geometrical demonstrations to the class, grappling with Kant’s explanation of human understanding, or tackling Einstein’s theory of relativity, one thing was certain—I had to analyze the author’s argument and compare it to my own experience of reality to see what I could accept as true. In this way, I learned to interpret and build on the ideas of others rather than dismiss them—a skill that pays great dividends as a tutor!

Because my college classes were conducted as seminars rather than lectures, they depended on the participation of the students. I spent my time in class actively teaching classmates, putting forward arguments that both furthered the ideas and answered the questions of other students. I couldn’t get away with reciting a formula – I had to present a solution that clarified the ideas of the author and satisfied those around me. This experience trained me to adapt my explanations to accommodate others’ modes of thought, an essential skill for teaching.

Outside the classroom, I put these skills to good use by tutoring fellow students, helping them write essays and prepare for tests. I especially loved sparking students’ interest in subjects which they had given up on in class. 1-on-1 instruction proved optimal for this, since it allowed me to start with students’ particular ideas and difficulties. In my experience, every student can understand and appreciate a subject if it is presented in an engaging way that builds on his or her own ideas and way of thinking.

Before I joined AJ Tutoring, I taught English immersion camps in Italy. It was a challenge to communicate across cultural and language barriers and to constantly tailor my approach to engage children at disparate levels of comprehension and interest. For me, one of the most rewarding moments was when my students told me that they loved having me as a teacher because of my enthusiasm and readiness to have fun.

When I am not tutoring, I like baking, hiking, playing volleyball, and exploring new languages and places. I love singing and playing the piano, especially when I can think up new harmonies and compositions. Finally, I am never happier than when curled up with a good book–if you have any favorites, I’m always ready for a recommendation!

Subjects Tutored

Academic English
Academic US History
Academic Algebra 1
Academic Geometry
Academic Latin
Academic K-8
AP English Language and Composition
AP English Literature and Composition
AP Latin

Offices Served

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 The most helpful part of tutoring was Carmel’s attitude. She made me feel comfortable taking the ACT. Her techniques really helped me improve my skills.  Read what others are saying

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