Clifford Eberhardt

Test Prep Tutor

A curious student from a young age, I’ve had many academic interests that ultimately flowered into degrees in Mathematics and Psychology from Kenyon College. At Kenyon, I tutored extensively and realized my passion and talent for instruction and working with students. After graduation, I worked at a consulting firm to advise government agencies on Medicare policy and monitor fraud. Though I enjoyed applying what I’d learned to the consulting field, I remembered my love for teaching and decided to re-enter the world of professional tutoring.

My experience with tutoring courses in the history of mathematics and my research into ancient mathematical applications give me insight that allows me to engage with students and offer them a deeper appreciation for the concepts behind mathematics. My background in psychology helps me understand things such as test-taking strategies, avoiding psychological traps, and reducing stress or anxiety.

I have tutored students of all background and learning styles for years and always develop strong and honest relationships with each individual. I’ve found that 1-on-1 tutoring is highly effective for explaining the nuances that can be lost in group instruction or in a dense textbook. My students succeed because they learn the lasting skills to stay afloat in a challenging class or gain confidence on a standardized test. I strive to create a comfortable learning atmosphere for each session in which the student can ask questions.

In my spare time, I like to play Magic the Gathering, dance, listen to music, and fence.

Subjects Tutored

SAT Subject Math2
SAT Subject Literature
Academic Study Skills
Academic K-8

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