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I was born and raised in the Bay Area and have lived in Sunnyvale for the majority of my life. I graduated from Homestead High school in 2010 and served in the Marine Corps for the better part of 9 years as an infantryman. Afterwards, I earned my BS in mathematics from UC Santa Barbara with an emphasis on Measure Theory and Galois Cohomology. I also was a first and second grade elementary school teacher and found the experience to be among the most rewarding in my life; however, my passion for education comes from a long journey.

Math was one of my weakest subjects in high school and struck me as a waste of time. I was convinced mathematics was an inaccessible subject for the average student. In college I studied physics during my first year and continued hating math – until I met someone that would change my life. Having endured a year of unengaging and complicated course work, I was pleasantly surprised by the pragmatic attitude of my multivariable calculus professor. For the first time in my life, I was able to visualize the mathematics I was working with and meaningfully used the tools I had been preparing my entire life – without even realizing it! Rather than blindly copying notes from monotonous lectures about prescribed topics, my colleagues and I were encouraged to explore the various theorems! No question was too simple and I really was able to ask the questions I had been wanting to ask since childhood. The rudimentary proofs we did in that class made me understand the heart of mathematics was reasoning and led to my passion for math. A few years after that experience, I had the opportunity to study under the previous president of the California Academic Senate and learned a thing or two about modern mathematical education pedagogy. It turns out helping kids discover math instead of lecturing it to them often yields better results – a process known as inquiry based learning.

At AJ Tutoring, I strive to apply this philosophy to my students and share with them in their journey across the mathematical landscape. My time as a teacher has taught me the importance of parent engagement and that life has its challenges. I want to make it clear that I am here to support you and your child and that we are a team when it comes to your child’s education. I look forward to working with families to help students understand and be successful in their math education.

When I am not tutoring, I am working as a Master Trainer and Fitness Manager at 24 Hour Fitness. If you have any questions about math, physics, or fitness – feel free to reach out!

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Algebra 2


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