Jacob Park

Academic Tutor

I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, and my interests in science and math took me to the University of Colorado at Boulder, where I studied physics and received a Bachelor of Engineering. I then attended San Jose State University and earned my master’s in computational physics. After spending many years working in academic research settings, I felt like I was missing something and that the time had come for me show appreciation for those that helped me in my educational journey by providing support to students encountering these complex subjects.

It has become a priority for me to ensure that those in my community can relate to science and math in a positive way. My hope is for students to see these subjects not as too hard to care about, but rather as meaningful and enriching in all areas of their lives. I believe a firm understanding of science helps us approach the world in a more conscious manner. In learning how much everyone and everything is connected, we have a better appreciation for the impact that we have in shaping it. This is possible by learning reasoning and critical thinking, as well as by fostering a sense of continual curiosity of the world that we live in.

I had experience tutoring high school students in math and science and leading group physics labs as a graduate student. Being able to return the gift of logic and empirical research makes me feel like I am contributing to the world in a way that shares my passion with others. My adventures in studying math and science taught me that struggling with difficult topics is not a sign of ineptitude. Instead, it demonstrates a need for a new way of approaching difficult situations. My goal as an educator is to show students that achieving breakthroughs in our understanding of material, especially after a prolonged period of struggling, is immensely rewarding. Internalizing that reward is what leads to a greater sense of self-confidence in facing and overcoming future challenges.

In addition to exercising my mind through academic interests, I am an avid fitness enthusiast. I do my best to strike a balance between a healthy body and a healthy mind through strength training, yoga, and spending ample time in nature.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Physics
AP Physics 1
AP Physics 2


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