Jamie Nguy

Academic Tutor

As a child, I was relentlessly curious. I was always asking “why?” and “what if?” If something ever piqued my curiosity, it was suddenly my life’s mission to seek answers. It was my curiosity about the world and the humans in it that determined my academic path.

After high school, I attended Evergreen Valley College, where I was known by my friends as “Miss English Major,” even though I was studying biology. Among my math and engineering friends, I was the trusted source for clarifications on grammar and syntax. Eventually I realized that biology was not my calling; more intrigued by the complexities of the human condition, I switched to English. Eager to share my love of learning with others, I tutored all levels of English at the institution, from English as a Second Language to the most rigorous course, English 1C: Critical Language and Composition. I then brought my love of language to UC Berkeley, where I graduated with a Bachelor’s in English. Having excelled in such courses as chemistry, physics, and trigonometry from my studies as an intended biology major, I have been able to strengthen my approach to tutoring math for the HSEE and SAT, providing extra support on technical terms and equations that appear on the tests.

As an adult, I have found that curiosity is not something that should be dampened—not only is curiosity conducive to learning, but it also opens doors to the unknown. As a tutor, I believe that all questions are valuable, so I encourage students to ask away. My students always feel comfortable because of the open academic environment I cultivate in sessions. I believe that true learning only ever exists in such an atmosphere. I love to impart my passion for constant learning and thinking to my students.

Outside of AJ Tutoring, I enjoy watching horror movies, eating quesadillas, and playing with my herd of dogs. I also play the piano and guitar from time to time, and I often make fruit smoothies—even in the winter when it’s cold!

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Academic Algebra 1
Academic Study Skills
Academic K-8

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