Jared Lee

Academic Tutor

After experiencing the rigors of organic chemistry, I fell in love with chemistry and pursued it throughout college at Rice University, where I completed my bachelor’s degree in chemistry. I also had the opportunity to put my studies to practical use working in the Veiseh lab studying capsule treatments for cancer and the Tour lab studying flash graphene.

I first started tutoring at Los Altos High School where I tutored remedial English. There, I experienced how much one-on-one tutoring can benefit a student’s education. Throughout college, I continued working as a tutor, teaching math, chemistry, biology, and chess to students from elementary school through college. 

Tutoring allows for a focused, non-stressful space for students to ask questions and take charge of their education. I love finding ways to engage my students and helping them to see the big picture of what they are learning. Through one-on-one teaching, I learned to be flexible in my approach, tailor content to fit my students’ learning styles, and explain complex concepts at every educational level. In college, I found that tutoring, in addition to helping my students, strengthened my own foundational knowledge of scientific concepts, so I encourage my students to teach material back to me to reinforce their learning.

I want my students to have an active role in their education to prepare them for higher education. To facilitate this, I encourage active input from my students in solving problems, explaining concepts, and asking questions.

In addition to tutoring, I love sports and closely follow the prominent Bay Area teams. I also enjoy reading and going to the beach.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Chemistry
Academic Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Biology


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