Jeff Chen

Academic Tutor

I have a Master’s degree in statistics from UCI and a Bachelor’s in applied mathematics (honors program) from UCLA. I started tutoring students in calculus and physics during my freshman and sophomore years of college and was the president of the De Anza College mathematics club where I lectured higher mathematics. I’ve always enjoyed mathematics ever since I was a child. This became especially true when I took calculus and physics, as they allowed me to think of mathematics in a dynamic fashion. One of the personal projects that I have pursued just for fun is that I have independently discovered that rational numbers can be expressed as linear combinations of vector like objects in a high dimensional hyperspace, essentially geometrizing prime factorization. Within this project, I used calculus, computer programming, and statistical regression models to show that there is an increasing sparsity of prime numbers as we move left to right on the number line, all determined using high dimensional computations within the aforementioned abstract hyperspace. These connections between seemingly different concepts in number theory and geometry is just one example of the reasons I find the rich field of mathematics so intriguing.

I initially got into tutoring by complete happenstance. I needed a job to pay the bills, and I loved mathematics, so why not? It turned out, however, that I was exceptionally great at it and found it fun. My very first student came to me struggling with a D in calculus, and I brought him to an A by the end of the same quarter, not only instilling confidence, but skill. He ended up transferring to UC Berkeley and getting a job offer from a tech giant.

After transferring to and graduating from UCLA, I decided I liked tutoring so much that I became a full-time coach of mathematics and science, opening a small tutoring business in Diamond Bar of LA county. I have accumulated over a decade of tutoring experience, mastering this craft. Even when I went back to graduate school, I made sure to tutor part-time on the side. I have experience tutoring all ages, from kindergarten to grad students in academic topics and test prep (I have coached many students on the AP calculus exam, with high scores). My extensive experience in teaching allows me to adapt well to each student’s learning style.

My teaching philosophy is to have students gain an intuitive understanding of subjects they are learning. This not only allows them to memorize the material better, but also allows them to be more effective problem solvers. Often this takes a visual approach as students tend to make sense of dynamic concepts like derivatives in terms of pictures. I also do things from a problem-based approach. For instance, I work though a few math problems with a student and then give him or her new problems based on weak points discovered, and then continue this iterative process. Often in class, students just get a problem set with a bunch of various problems. With my approach, the students work on problems specific to the types of areas in which they are faltering.

During my free time I like to read and research pure mathematics, study machine learning, and do freelance statistical consulting. Outside of academics, I like to cook for a hobby, and I enjoy the outdoors and partaking in activities like running and hiking.

Subjects Tutored

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Geometry
Academic Algebra 2
Academic Trigonometry
Academic Multivariable Calculus
Academic Pre-Calculus
Academic Calculus
Academic Physics
Academic Computer Science
AP Physics 1
AP Physics C
AP Computer Science A
AP Computer Science Principles
AP Statistics
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC

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