Jolie Wu

Academic Tutor

I grew up attending the Cupertino school system here in the Bay Area before completing my undergrad in engineering with minors in Japanese and managerial economics at UC Davis. My love of education inspired me to travel abroad, and I completed a master’s degree at University College London in materials science before returning to complete a second master’s in engineering at University of Michigan. 

I have tutored mathematics since high school. To me, math is the language of logic. I enjoy solving puzzles, and so math has always been comforting. However, when I was younger, no one pointed out to me that the framework and processes to solving problems could be similar. Recognizing patterns in solving problems and applying critical thinking to understand how and why do we what we do helps students understand and master math, even when they feel they aren’t good at the subject. 

My goal as a teacher is to help my students consider the big picture and see that the skills and processes we learn in math classes aren’t limited to math, but apply to other subjects and to life in general. My hope for my students is always that they not only gain confidence in their coursework, but also develop general long-term healthy study habits and discipline that contribute to their future goals. 

In my downtime, I love swimming, running, and strength training. I also enjoy playing the piano, going on random drives, catching up with friends, attending concerts, and swinging at tennis balls.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Algebra 2


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