Julia Alvarez

Test Prep and Academic Tutor

I was born and raised in San Jose (which I was positive was a small town until high school, when I sadly discovered I was not a “small-town girl”). I developed my love for school and learning at a young age. I was always the kid who would be reading the newest “Harry Potter” book instead of playing on the playground during recess.

I went on to attend a small charter high school, where many of my peers needed extra help in their classes. My teachers started asking me to help tutor my fellow classmates, and I discovered my knack for helping students understand material they were otherwise struggling with. When the number of students that needed help got to be higher than I could realistically keep up with, I started a peer tutoring program. My favorite teacher and I guided high achieving students from my school to become peer tutors themselves.

After high school, I went on to Brown University, where I switched my major from English, to Psychology, to Computer Science, to (finally) Modern Culture and Media with an emphasis in Computer Science. I did continue my passion for education at Brown, where I took a few education courses and spent a semester teaching a college readiness class to a local Providence middle school. I also spent some time as an undergraduate tutor for my school’s computer science department.

For SAT and ACT instruction, my goal is to familiarize each student with the inner workings of the test so that tricks, traps, and question types feel well understood on test day. To achieve this, I walk the student through each section of the test, shoring up missing content when needed and reinforcing concepts through practice. Over time, students become well versed in their test of choice and can enter the testing center on Saturday morning with confidence.

In my free time, I’m still as avid of a reader as I used to be, but I now also spend some time outdoors, enjoying the greenery and fresh air that California offers. I also love watching Dr. Who with my little brother and helping him implement Minecraft mods.

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Academic Computer Science
AP Computer Science A

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