Kacey Kogachi

Test Prep and Academic Tutor

I grew up in Hawaii and graduated from Vassar College with a B.A. in cognitive science with a focus on developmental psychology and education. In Hawaii, I attended an independent college-prep high school, so I became well versed from a young age in preparing for standardized tests like the SSAT, SAT, and AP Exams. While I didn’t enjoy preparing for these tests as a student, I have found it very rewarding to help my students as a test prep and academic tutor. I can easily empathize with my students because I was once in their shoes feeling stressed about managing all these tests on top of the balancing act that is juggling academics, extracurricular activities, and just being a kid!

My interest in teaching first sparked in high school when I worked as a teacher’s assistant for two elementary summer school classes. I had so much fun interacting with the students and seeing their enthusiasm for learning. It was also really interesting for me to be on other other side of the classroom and learn for the first time about what went into the art of teaching. I spent the next three summers working as a teacher’s assistant and pursued similar opportunities in high school, including as a counselor at my school’s environmental stewardship program for elementary students, a youth leader for my school’s public service center, and a mentor for my church youth group.

After graduating high school, I made a big move across the country to attend Vassar College in New York. At Vassar, I pursued my academic interests in discovering how the brain develops and how we learn. I was drawn to cognitive science, psychology, and philosophy. During my sophomore year, I took an education course with a phenomenal professor who really opened my eyes to some of the realities of education in our country that I had not previously been exposed to. The course got me interested in learning more about issues in the field of education and how to be a compelling educator. During my four years in college, I worked as a tutor at after-school programs and as an educational assistant for a non-profit farm organization. I also co-founded a student-run cooperative to bring local organic food to our campus.

Since my college years, I have worked in Hawaii, New York, Wisconsin, and Japan as a test prep and academic tutor, preschool teacher, English language teacher, and supervisor at an after-school program. In these positions, I’ve worked with students from preschool through high school with a range of needs and abilities. I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunities to work with many students and families from diverse racial, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

To me, the beauty of being a tutor is having the ability to build meaningful relationships with my students and, in doing so, effectively address their needs and help them to succeed. My philosophy is to create an environment where my students feel comfortable yet engaged and challenged. Together, my students and I seek out the areas that are most difficult for them and attempt to ascertain why. If one method doesn’t make sense to them, I explain the same concept using alternative approaches and concrete examples that are culturally relevant to them. My aim is not only to help my students improve their test scores, but also to empower them and awaken their love of learning.

Outside of tutoring, I enjoy the outdoors, running, hiking, and camping! I love animals, cooking new vegan recipes, (attempting) mindfulness and Zen meditation, and traveling to learn more about other cultures.

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AP English Literature and Composition

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