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I grew up in San Jose and had the pleasure of attending college in the gorgeous forested hills of UC Santa Cruz (Go Banana Slugs!). I graduated from UCSC with a Bachelor’s of Science in human biology. As a pre-med student, I had to learn a lot of information in short time frames. I found that being able to explain and “teach” the topics to my peers was the best way for me to ascertain that I understood the material myself. My study skills and methods have continued to evolve over the years, and I am constantly looking for ways to be a more efficient learner. As an educator, I emphasize the importance of building strong study skills to my students because these skills will stay with them for a long time.

My favorite subjects to tutor are math, biology, and SAT/ACT test preparation. I find biological processes very fascinating, and so it is wonderful to be able to share my passion and area of study with my students. Math has not always been my favorite subject to learn, but as an educator, I enjoy making the not-so-obvious connections between concepts and bridging that information for the student. As with any subject, I believe it is important to demonstrate why students have to learn what they do and help them make those broader connections.

My tutoring experience began in high school when one of my math teachers reached out and asked me to help her with an afterschool remedial algebra program. The program was set to help students pass benchmark exams to catch up with their class, and also to help graduating students pass the CAHSEE. As I helped my schoolmates learn, I found myself invested in helping them pass their exams and encouraging them to keep trying. I have continued to tutor over the years because it gives me a chance to share my enthusiasm for learning and to help others achieve their personal goals.

In college, I was a learning assistant at UCSC for a College Algebra for Calculus and Precalculus course. I held sessions for students, graded quizzes, kept track of my students’ grades, and offered office hours. After college, I was a reading and math tutor with Sylvan Learning Center for their Ace It! program. I traveled around elementary, middle, and high schools in San Jose to help students that were struggling to pass benchmark exams. I worked with students on reading, writing, and math skills and regularly tested them to make sure the concepts were mastered. I have also instructed a series of classes for a program called Little Medical School in the South Bay, where I taught groups of 10-20 elementary school students about various organ systems and basic anatomy, and I have worked as an academic and test prep tutor at Huntington Learning Center in San Diego.

Over the years, I have worked with students of different age groups and of varying academic needs and backgrounds. These experiences have taught me how to communicate effectively as an educator and practice various teaching methods to better help my tutees. I approach each tutoring experience as an opportunity to share my passion for learning. It is important for me to know my student holistically and consider the other coursework and activities they have in their life. I appreciate the one-on-one tutoring format because it makes it easier to for me to build personal connections and form examples that are specific to the individual needs of each student.

When not teaching, I enjoy trying different cookie recipes in search of the perfect chocolate chip cookie, hula hooping, sketching with charcoal and soft pastels, and hanging out with my dog, Lily.

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SAT Subject Math2
SAT Subject Literature
SAT Subject Biology E/M
Academic Pre-Calculus
Academic Biology

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