Maxine Bi

Academic Tutor

In college, I was inspired by my research mentor to pursue a passion for teaching. My mentor taught me scientific experiments step by step, and whenever I felt lost or ran into obstacles in my research, my mentor encouraged me and helped me develop the critical thinking that ultimately led to my discovery of a molecular component in bacteria that is an opportunistic target to combat antibiotic resistance. My goal is to pursue a career in academia as a research professor so that I can impact and help students discover their potential.

After graduating at the top of my class in high school, I attended Purdue University, where I challenged myself with a heavy course load and many extracurricular activities while I completed my bachelor’s degree in health sciences (pre-medicine) with a minor in biology. 

I discovered my calling in scientific research during a summer research opportunity. I realized that a medical degree would not fulfill my interest in the underlying causes of chronic disease, and I was drawn to scientific research by the remarkable successes in advancing our understanding of the basis of many diseases. I am especially interested in macromolecular machines and structural biology, and I decided to pursue my graduate studies in biophysics at UCSF.

My family moved from China to Portland, Oregon, during middle school. I adopted a new language, culture, and educational system while mastering my math and science classes, so I quickly recognized the importance of learning and the value of study skills like time management, planning, and organization. During high school, I taught Mandarin and math to my classmates. At UCSF, I have had the opportunity to teach the structural biology section of the Biophysics Bootcamp for first-year students and a graduate course.

Here at AJ, I help students develop their confidence in math and science by working with my students to find their knowledge gaps and tackle them step by step. I love helping students develop personalized study skills to help them succeed in their subjects, and I have found that these skills are broadly applicable throughout their academic careers. I work to share my own experiences and strategies for test taking and studying while helping my tutees to build on their existing strengths and knowledge.

When I’m not studying or tutoring, I enjoy flying as a single-engine private pilot, spending time with my dog, and exercising.



Subjects Tutored:

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Geometry
Academic Algebra 2
Academic Mandarin


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