Millicent Dethy

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As a child, I spent my summer time between ice hockey camps and math tutoring sessions. Those one-on-one sessions with skillful tutors enabled me to reach a much deeper and richer comprehension of the material. I began tutoring other students during high school so I could help my peers develop their academic foundations. Having been a beneficiary myself, I understand the impact that a knowledgeable and caring tutor can have, not only on a student’s immediate academic success, but also on his or her long-term career success.

I’m a born and raised New Jersey girl, and I’ve spent my educational years traveling along the East Coast. For high school, I made my way up to New Hampshire to attend Phillips Exeter Academy. Exeter enabled me to pursue my passion for math and science and paved the way for me to get into MIT. I graduated top of my class from MIT with a BS in aerospace engineering and an academic focus on aircraft design. My love for aviation has led me to the land of sunshine and avocados to pursue a PhD in aerospace at Stanford. My focus on grasping the academic fundamentals has led me to excel as the material became more and more complex. The most useful thing I ever learned is to focus first on the basics and build up from there.

I am passionate about tutoring the SAT because of the academic doors that a high SAT score opened for me. Every student is capable of doing well on the SAT with the right guidance. For the reading and writing sections, I enjoy finding ways to make my students see the patterns and read the contextual clues to find the right answer. The math section will always be my favorite, and I enjoy building students’ confidence through practice problems and review of the concepts. As an avid lover of my TI-89 calculator, I enjoy teaching students new ways of using their calculators to make their testing experience much easier.

While I started tutoring in high school, it was not until my time in undergrad that I got significantly involved. I held three different teaching and tutoring positions during undergrad. I was a teaching assistant for a freshman physics class throughout my four years, I tutored differential equations for three years, and I tutored aerodynamics, thermodynamics, structures, and signals and systems for a year. As a graduate student, I tutored student-athletes in statistics and multivariable calculus. All of these positions taught me the power of adapting lessons to each student’s knowledge base and ways of learning.

My tutoring approach is to start with the basics and ensure a strong foundation on the material. The 1-on-1 format allows me to adapt to every student’s pace and existing knowledge in order to optimize their learning. When it comes to problems, I think of ways to turn the seemingly abstract question into a recipe of steps that the student feels confident following. This system provides a direct way for the student to approach problems and begin to see the similarities between different types of material.

Outside of tutoring and classes, I can be found at the gym or in the kitchen. I love trying new workout classes and new recipes. During the NHL season, I can be found watching hockey and cheering loudly when the NJ Devils play.

Subjects Tutored:

SAT Subject Math2
SAT Subject Literature


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