Nathan Crawford

Academic Tutor

I have always been interested in how our universe works, a passion that led me both to physics and to the language of physics: calculus. As a tutor, I love using the connections between math and physics to relate abstract ideas to real life concepts that students are very familiar with.

I grew up in the Bay Area in Morgan Hill, and I received my Bachelor of Arts in physics at San Diego State University. I also studied computer science, which, combined with the mathematical knowledge required for physics, gave me a variety of experiences in the interconnected fields of math and science. 

My tutoring experience started at Mathnasium working with students from 2nd grade to high school. I found it very fulfilling to not only ignite passions for mathematics, but also assist students in their academic journey. I developed techniques for teaching concepts of all ranges, and I enjoyed making math both fun and engaging for other students. I then worked as a private tutor teaching college students physics, calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, and programming. I learned to come up with challenging yet helpful problems, to identify common misconceptions about each field, to approach problems in a variety of ways, and to accommodate different learning styles.

Much of the public perception of math and science today is that it is all about computation. I address this in 1-on-1 sessions by focusing on improving my students’ problem solving and critical thinking skills. If a student has strong problem solving skills, they can succeed in any future math or science course because logic is at the root of both of these subjects. I like to use Socratic questioning to see what students know and what they don’t know so that I can fill in gaps and misconceptions while also guiding them through reasoning their way to a solution.

When I’m not tutoring, I like to go on hikes, read, and watch movies.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Calculus
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC


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