Patrick Keenan

Menlo Park Office Director, Test Prep & Academic Tutor

I was raised locally, in Silicon Valley, by parents who were engineers. From an early age, they instilled in me the idea that there is an underlying order to the universe, and that this order can be understood. Ever since, I have studied science and mathematics with the goal of better understanding the nature of reality.

I discovered my passion for education while at UC Berkeley, where I was lucky to be part of an extremely collaborative learning environment. Working closely with other students helped me tremendously, as I gained new insights, approaches, and perspectives on math and science. I often found that someone with a different way of thinking could help me work through a difficult problem. Thus, it is my goal to provide students with new modes of thinking.

In college, I began tutoring students in a wide range of subjects, especially Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry. Now, after many years of full-time tutoring experience, I am excited to be living and working back in the area where I was raised. I am also excited to be serving as the director of our Woodside office, and overseeing a truly world class team of tutors.

I have found that being a successful tutor requires intimate knowledge of the material, such that it can be presented in many different ways. What makes intuitive sense to one student might not be the best explanation for another student. I pride myself on finding new ways to both explain concepts and make them personally relevant and fun. My goal is to work collaboratively with students and nurture their intuition and confidence so that their reaction is to think critically when presented with problems, and thus become more independent problem solvers.

I also really enjoy helping guide my students through the morass of standardized testing. Personalized coaching, combined with AJ’s powerful methods and materials, can make a monumental difference on these critical exams, and hence, in students lives. This makes our test preparation programs extremely rewarding for tutor and student alike.

Outside of the AJ offices, you can find me taking extremely long hikes, backpacking, and running! I also enjoy playing games, reading, and listening to music and podcasts.

Subjects Tutored

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Geometry
Academic Algebra 2
Academic Trigonometry
Academic Pre-Calculus
Academic IAC
Academic Calculus
Academic Chemistry
Academic Physics
AP Chemistry
AP Physics 1
AP Physics 2
AP Physics C
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC

Offices Served

Happy parents and students.

 We go over homework, practice problems and Patrick is very knowledgeable. It’s nice to work on problems together so I can learn how to approach problems, not just how to find the answer.  Read what others are saying

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