Sahiba Khan

Academic Tutor

I discovered early on that mathematics is the language of the universe, and I fell in love at once. From detecting patterns to discovering relationships, mathematics gave voice to intuitions that swirled within my psyche. Combining my interests in calculation and the natural world, I pursued a degree in Meteorology and Climate Sciences at San Jose State University. I also studied writing, human relations, psychology, kinesiology, nutrition, and agriculture.

I find fulfillment in teaching critical thought and empowering youth through their education. I have over a decade of experience tutoring in various K-12 subjects, most notably mathematics. I’ve also spent a number of years developing technical curriculum and teaching computer programming at various tech education companies in the bay area.

Having personally experienced the transformative power of education, I use my insights to connect with and effect change in the lives of students. I value the one-on-one learning environment at AJ Tutoring. This level of intimacy allows for better engagement and targeted growth. With a thorough understanding of common barriers to student success, I am able to teach students how to become better thinkers and learners, regardless of the subject matter. I’ve watched countless students overcome their academic struggles and grow in confidence. Many of my students continue to challenge themselves well beyond our tutoring sessions.

Outside of academia, I started a non-profit organization to increase access to sustainable food sources while preserving the environment. I designed and built a sustainable urban demonstration garden. During a sabbatical, I lived at the base of Mt St. Helens in southern Washington. There, I co-ran a 20-acre certified organic teaching farm growing veggies, tending to a fruit orchard, caring for rescue horses, falling asleep to the coyotes and waking up with the birds. The farm setting was used to mentor at-risk youth in the community by working side by side with them to teach scientific-based practices of sustainable, small-scale agriculture.

When not working with students, I enjoy mountain biking, camping, growing food, creating and cooking new recipes, practicing yoga, and doing research on an ever-growing list of interests.

Subjects Tutored

SAT Subject Math2
SAT Subject Literature
Academic Algebra 1
Academic Geometry
Academic Algebra 2

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