Sahil Sharma

Academic Tutor

Growing up, I always found biologists and chemists on TV fascinating, as they would take an unexplainable event and reveal the logical reasoning behind it. I especially enjoyed biology because it fascinated me how much the human body can do given some time and effort. After entering university, my love for the sciences grew exponentially. Despite there being so much to memorize and seemingly confusing concepts to unravel, taking lab classes in university helped to solidify my choice to study the sciences, as hands-on experience is something that you never forget.

My first experience teaching was as a mentor to eight college first-years during my undergrad. Throughout my time with them, I taught them the ins and outs of UC Riverside and shared my personal experiences to help them navigate college. Not only did this help my mentees, but it also brewed confidence in myself as I proved that with smart use of resources, communication, a team willing to learn, and a little bit of effort, I could teach and help others succeed beyond their limits.

During this time, I also worked with a seven-year-old student developing necessary life skills and communication. The experience helped ground my educational philosophy: whether you pick up a skill quickly or need time to develop it, as long as you put in the work and stay consistent, you will learn and grow. I’ve carried this philosophy through my life, and I believe that it opens the door to growth and a better life. I believe that anyone can learn no matter the age, and that when concepts are confusing or difficult, there is an opportunity to conceptualize the material in a way that makes it easy.

Outside of tutoring, I enjoy playing video games, reading books, and going to the gym. 

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Chemistry
Academic Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Biology




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 The most helpful part of my tutoring was that my tutor would really connect with me personally and understood my needs as a visual learner, especially when completing tough questions.   Read what others are saying

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