Sally Robertson

Academic Tutor

I have always had a passion for physics and astronomy from a young age, and I completed my Ph.D. focusing on neutrino astrophysics at the University of Adelaide in Australia. I then moved to the Bay Area to continue my research at the University of California, Berkeley. 

My research used a neutrino particle detector located at the South Pole to observe neutrinos from space, both from our own galaxy and from others. These observations allow us to explore areas of physics that cannot be done with traditional astronomy.

During my graduate school studies, I had the opportunity to teach undergrads in both classroom and laboratory settings. While this teaching was not a requirement, it helped me continue to stay passionate about physics and my own research while also helping to improve the students’ experience. I have since found that, while I find my research to be very fulfilling, I also missed the purpose I felt when teaching the next generation of students. This realization led me back to tutoring.

While I know many students find physics challenging, I hope to keep them engaged and passionate about staying in STEM subjects. My aim in teaching is to help students apply physics and develop their problem solving skills. Often, memorizing formulas and definitions is insufficient to help students master their classwork: they need to know how to use that knowledge. I believe my experience with international education institutions gives me a unique perspective to impart to students about how they approach their studies, and I enjoy helping my students find the methods of studying that work best for them.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Physics
Academic Computer Science
AP Physics 1




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