Sarah Chang

Academic Tutor

I was born and raised in the South Bay, where I attended Saratoga High. In typical Bay Area fashion, my parents and peers pushed me into an accelerated course of math. Once I reached high school, I felt that math was not much more than plugging and chugging numbers and stopped taking classes.

After high school, I left for the East Coast where I attended Wellesley College. During my time there, I took a course in number theory and found that I actually enjoyed the problem solving style of thinking involved. There is more to subjects than what you see in the classroom!

After graduating with a degree in math and economics, in reflecting upon my experiences, I found that my most fulfilling experiences in the past have been in teaching. I worked as a departmental tutor, working with students one-on-one with course material over the semester. I found that being able to address the specific needs of a student over a time was the best way to help them succeed.

I enjoy helping my students discover the aspects of a subject that appeal to them. I want to show that math can be fun and useful — it comes in handy when checking tips and sales prices or planning road trips. In my practice, I try to find the right amount of challenging to guide students to success. We all struggle with some topics, and I like to show students how to recognize and overcome their challenges by developing the critical thinking skills essential to math.

I also enjoy assisting students with standardized testing, as I recognize that it can be a big stressor for many students. In my experiences holding study sessions and my own time in taking tests, I’ve found many ways to find solutions beyond simply understanding the material. Test-taking is a skill within itself, and I work with students to find the strategies that will help them reach their goals.

When I’m not with students, you can find me plucking basslines, slinging arrows at the range, and playing German-style board games.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Algebra 2
Academic Trigonometry
Academic Pre-Calculus
Academic Statistics
AP Statistics


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 The most helpful part of my tutoring was being able to see the visuals of different lessons and being able to run through different practice problems.   Read what others are saying

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