Selene Ye

Academic Tutor

I have always been drawn to education. As an immigrant from Shanghai, China, who grew up in Salem, Oregon, I learned English quickly, not only in my elementary school, but also through asking questions and reading books. I became an avid reader with an active imagination, and I loved going to school to learn new things, especially math. I chose my undergraduate school, Willamette University, for its values of intellectual curiosity and learning for its own sake. There, I was able to take classes in Chinese art history, symbolic logic, and ecology while focusing on my major in Spanish language and literature and minors in music and economics.

Because of my love of learning and my desire to share that passion, I began tutoring students in SAT English and middle school math, and I worked for the San Francisco Unified School District as a substitute teacher for a year. I truly enjoy watching my students learn and grow, master concepts that at first felt daunting to them, and gain important study skills such as annotating and organizing notes. 

As a tutor, I am warm, engaging, and adaptive — I know everyone learns best when teachers provide structure and adjust their style to suit the student’s needs. Whether it’s through games, projects, or simply approaching a concept from a different direction, I like to connect with students in a way that optimizes their understanding of the subject. I also find that asking reflective and probing questions helps students develop their critical thinking skills, whether they’re delving into math, reading, or writing. I am empathetic and caring with my students, always encouraging them to try their best and providing positive feedback. I look forward to building new, collaborative relationships with students to help them develop a love of learning and curiosity that extends beyond their school years.

In addition to tutoring, I am attending graduate school to become a licensed therapist, and in my spare time, I enjoy playing Bach preludes and Beethoven sonatas, reading psychological thrillers, and doing Youtube Yoga.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Spanish
Academic Spanish 1
Academic Spanish 2
Academic Spanish 3
Academic Spanish 4
Academic K-8


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