Susan Lang

Test Prep & Academic Tutor

When I was little, I always wanted to play school, even going on Microsoft Word to make worksheets for my sisters and cousins to fill out. I’ve always liked helping other people with their work even more than doing mine, so tutoring is an ideal fit, because now that is my work!

When it comes to tutoring, I’ve been on both sides of the equation. Throughout high school, I was the one helping my classmates and friends with their work, but when I got to college, I began to struggle to keep up in some of my math and computer science classes. Luckily, friends referred me to some fantastic tutors, whose support was absolutely invaluable to me. My grades improved, but more importantly, I began to regain my confidence. As time went on, I was able to fill that role for others. I know well how intimidating it can be to be the youngest one in a class, or the oldest one, or the only girl, or just feel out of your element, and that a little support can go a long way in helping you reach your potential. It’s really gratifying for me to be able to provide that, and it’s something I don’t take lightly.

I was born and raised in Los Altos, and went to high school at St. Francis, which is where I really started to come into my own as a huge math nerd. College took me across the country to North Carolina where I attended Duke, graduating with a BS in Computer Science. One lasting impression from my education is what a huge difference an enthusiastic, compassionate teacher makes. Learning from someone who you know genuinely cares about you and your growth, and who is excited about what they teach and wants you to be excited too, can be a life-changing experience. I strive to be that person for my students!

Math has always held a special place in my heart. It has never been enough for me to memorize a formula – I always want to know why it works. Developing this deeper understanding takes a little more effort, but it’s worth it; not only does it lead to better results, it also makes it more fun! I try to show my students that math is like solving a puzzle – tricky to figure out at first, but so satisfying when you get it.

I have always loved working with young people and serving in mentorship roles. I was a teacher’s assistant in high school. I worked for many summers as a counselor at Camp Kennolyn in Santa Cruz. In college, I volunteered as a counselor at Duke’s chapter of Camp Kesem; I also tutored local students in Durham through some of my education classes. All these experiences have impressed upon me how crucial it is to remember that everyone comes from a different background and has unique strengths and difficulties; but with just a little push, people can do things they never thought possible.

Having grown up and gone to school in the Bay Area, I am very familiar with how intense the climate can be. When we’re overwhelmed, having a plan and feeling prepared helps tremendously, as does keeping things in perspective – I try to approach everything in life with a sense of humor! Tutoring is a no-judgment zone where we work together to set goals and figure out what works best for you. My biggest goal, more so than any test score, is that students walk away with renewed confidence.

I was very involved in improv in college, and I love all things comedy. I enjoy getting outside, eating spicy food, over-analyzing TV shows, going to concerts, and trying new things!

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Academic Algebra 1
Academic Geometry
Academic Algebra 2
Academic Pre-Calculus
Academic IAC
Academic Calculus
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC

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