Tanner Zuleeg

Academic Tutor

I graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where I received a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and statistics. I developed a passion for mathematics early in my college career when I became infatuated with its beauty. I understand that many students do not have a passion for math, and I myself found it a tedious subject only to be tolerated on the basis of academic pragmatism throughout my high school years. As such, I sympathize with my students’ frustrations while demonstrating to them the uses and beauty of the subject. 

As I see it, a complete devotion to mathematics, or any subject really, requires us not only to learn it ourselves, but also to teach it to others. My teaching experiences include leading study sessions for basically every math class I have ever taken, aiding friends and classmates in the study hall or library, and tutoring privately. Teaching is something I enjoy severely: I appreciate the opportunity to share my students’ experiences of learning new concepts that I remember the joy of learning for the first time myself. 

My tutoring philosophy is that sessions should be a comfortable space for exploring new ideas, making mistakes, and asking questions without judgment. Learning can be a very special and sensitive moment that can only be evinced through mutual diligence. I must be aware of my student’s feelings and level of comfort, even as my student must communicate and ask for clarification when they need it. I also know that many students are simply learning math in order to pass a class and that their passions lie elsewhere. Hence, it is important to me that I teach them not only the content material, but also how to communicate and pursue their interests. I work to integrate study skills into my sessions and help students develop strong critical thinking that they can apply to all their future pursuits.

Outside of mathematics and teaching, I enjoy playing the piano, socializing with people from different cultures, studying linguistics, reading short stories and novels, and, when the mood occasionally strikes, pencil drawing something imaginative.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Calculus
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC


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