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I grew up in Kirtland, NM, a small rural town near the Navajo reservation. As the youngest (and only girl) of five, I quickly acquired a mental toughness that propelled me though academics and sports. In high school, I played basketball and softball and ran cross country and track. Despite my love for all things athletic, I still often found myself buried in a textbook or novel, even before games in the locker room. That persistence led me to Stanford University where I obtained my degree in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. I focused on the intersections of race and health, and my senior paper examined the relationship between tribal language use and wellness strategies among Native American undergraduate students.

My interest in education and tutoring developed while learning the Navajo language during time off from Stanford. I received tutoring in Navajo for my language class at my local community college, and I later became a tutor to first, second, and sixth graders in a Navajo bilingual program in my hometown. As a student and tutor, I discovered the importance and effectiveness of one-on-one engagement, something that was hard to find in large classes at Stanford. Getting to know my students on a personal level was important not just for our tutor-student relationship but also in honoring Navajo kinship or K’é.

I returned to Stanford with a new outlook on academic support, consisting of the humility to ask for help and a desire to get to know my professors. My teaching philosophy is guided by this relationship model of getting to know my student and adjusting to each student’s needs and skills. As an undergraduate student, I benefited from visiting an academic skills coach regularly, and now I enjoy providing one-on-one engagement and helping students improve their skills in test-taking, time management, and goal-setting. It’s important for students to realize that how they perform in academic classes or on standardized tests like the SAT and ACT often depends as much on their approach as on their grasp of content.

In my free time, I love hiking around the Bay Area, reading works by Indigenous writers and scholars, playing pick-up basketball, and, when I’m lucky, fly fishing on sun-kissed rivers.

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