Tiffany Cartagena

Academic Tutor

Originally from Florida, I moved to the Bay Area as the only student from my high school to be admitted to a top university. For the next several years, I had the opportunity to pursue my passions at Stanford University, where I majored in theater and performance studies.

As an undergraduate, I also devoted time to social outreach through 1-on1 literacy tutoring in the East Palo Alto community. In this context, I was able to craft bilingual lesson plans, which was really exciting to me as a native Spanish speaker. Reflecting further upon this experience led me to realize that I want to pursue education, with a primary focus in K-8 education. I truly love working with kids because of their boundless energy and creativity. I believe that nurturing each student’s innate curiosity while working to develop foundational skills and strategies for learning and problem-solving are key to shaping enthusiastic and successful life-long learners.

As a life-long learner myself, I continue to read and study Latin American literature and culture. My personal background as a native-speaker coupled with my academic experience has equipped me to work with Spanish language learners of all levels. I enjoy tutoring Spanish because I am invested in fostering a non-judgmental space for students to practice without fear of sounding “silly” while continuing to work on pronunciation and grammar to build confidence in their mastery of the language.

During my academic career, I have also worked to overcome challenges I’ve faced due to anxiety and ADHD that have interfered with my learning. I especially understand the obstacles for students managing similar conditions in regard to regulating attention, organization, and time management skills. I believe the value of providing students personalized support in creating a plan to make these skills accessible is immeasurable. I am able to provide strategies for working through these difficulties while keeping sessions fun and engaging for each student. Across all of my tutoring sessions, I aim to build an atmosphere of trust and support so students can feel comfortable asking questions, making mistakes, and learning from them.

About me: I love acting and cats! In my free time, I read plays, study books and take classes to refine my acting technique, and spend time with my two wonderful cats. I am also the co-dance captain of a bachata performance team.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic K-8
Academic Spanish
Academic Study Skills


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