Vyoma Popat

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As a kid, my favorite subject in school was math. While many of my peers did not share the same passion as me, my first math teacher, my dad, made the experience very enjoyable. I remember staying up late with him every night from 6th to 12th grade learning the fundamental theories and shortcuts to solving problems on my math homework. He would teach me methods of analyzing word problems to break them down so that I could find the answer in the quickest way possible. If I came across a difficult question, he would create his own versions of the problem to trick me and force me to master the concepts. Little did I realize that not only did he help me complete my homework and learn the material, but he also trained me to follow in his footsteps to tutor other students.

After attending Leigh High School, I went to UC Davis to pursue a B.S. in neurobiology, physiology, and behavior, and I adopted new study skills to be successful as a student. I learned how important it was to know the basic fundamental theories and background, and then know how to manipulate it to find the answer as easily as possible to excel in a college test setting. As an aspiring physician, I moved to Cleveland, Ohio, to get a master’s degree in medical physiology from Case Western Reserve University. In my first year as a graduate student, studying with one of my friends helped me realize the scope of my teaching capabilities in a 1-on-1 setting. After spending weeks tutoring and breaking down course content with her, she was able to achieve the highest grade she had ever received during her time in the program. Seeing her accomplishment, I felt motivated to be a teaching assistant the following year to help more students like her.

As a teaching assistant, I worked with many students in-person and online. A big challenge was finding innovative ways of presenting the material to these students. I realized that each student was unique in how they retained information and they all had different test-taking experiences. Each student required a separate set of goals and expectations, a personalized plan, to effectively and efficiently complete the material in time to master it. Watching them grow as students throughout the year and be successful was the most rewarding aspect of being a teaching assistant.

Because of my teaching experiences, I wanted to carry forward that experience to helping more students achieve success, especially in their test preparation process. Standardized tests often seem daunting at first, but I believe that with practice and confidence any student has the potential to be successful at them. Though I loved math as a child, I also enjoy coaching the English portions of the tests; the methods my father taught me for breaking down word problems also help me digest difficult passages, and I coach my students through the same process.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading books, watching TV and movies, and exploring new places.

Subjects Tutored:

SAT Subject Math2
SAT Subject Literature
Academic Algebra 2
Academic Pre-Calculus


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