Xana Pierone

Academic Tutor

I grew up in Vero Beach, Florida, before venturing into the unknown (aka New England) and attending the Loomis Chaffee School. At Loomis, I had first-hand experience with talented, passionate educators that made me genuinely excited to attend class and do my homework. This supportive community encouraged me to pursue all my interests, and through my work as editor in chief of the school newspaper, head agriculture proctor, and an elementary school tutor, I realized my passion for research and education!

At Barnard College, I majored in women’s, gender, and sexuality studies with a minor in psychology. My love of history, media studies, and research culminated in my senior year thesis, “Bad Girl, Good Girl: Performance, Authenticity, and Femininity in K-pop,” which examined the complex intersections of race, gender, and sexuality within K-pop. When I wasn’t theorizing about K-pop and popular culture, I was DJing for WBAR, Barnard’s freeform radio station, and running meetings as president of Columbia University’s Science Fiction Society.

In my junior year at Barnard, I had the privilege of interning at Harlem Grown through the Barnard Noyce Teachers Scholars Summer program. At Harlem Grown, I created STEM-based curricula for campers between the ages of seven and fourteen and made a million friendship bracelets (I was a camp counselor, after all). Watching campers become active participants in their own education was the highlight of my experience, and something I strive for in all my tutoring sessions.

After working with Harlem Grown for two summers, I worked as an after school counselor where I taught critical thinking, literacy, and math skills through a board game-based syllabus and roleplaying campaigns like Dungeons and Dragons. Teaching via games was ideal because 1) I love to game and 2) the format provides students with a setting that encourages curiosity and experimentation. Witnessing a student develop confidence in their own abilities and jumping at the chance to try again after a harsh defeat is inspiring as both an educator and a human being.

As a tutor, my goal is to provide students with the tools and support necessary to build up their confidence and take charge of their education. I’m all about alternative methods of learning that spark excitement and give agency back to students. In high school, my AP US History teacher changed my life by reframing history as something living. Rather than blindly memorizing facts and dates, I was pushed to consider how historical events actively shape our lives. This belief shapes my teaching ethos, which champions comprehension and critical thinking over grades and regurgitating information.

When I’m not tutoring, I’m cooking my grandma’s recipes, reading graphic novels, and waxing poetic about memes and their relevance to historical archives.

Pronouns: They/Them

Subjects Tutored:

Interview Prep
ISEE, HSPT, SSAT, and Writing Sample
Academic English
Academic US History
Academic Study Skills
Academic K-8
AP English Language and Composition
AP English Literature and Composition
AP US History




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