Zoe Gu

Academic Tutor

Throughout my K-12 education, I participated in math competitions such as AMC10/12 and AIME and attended summer math camps. I developed an interest in not just solving problems, but in determining smart ways to do so. I graduated from Stanford with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. College offered me opportunities to explore more abstract math, and I greatly enjoyed the time I spent immersed in thinking hard about the problems.

During high school, I volunteered to tutor a middle school student in algebra after school. I learned to be patient and encouraging, as these traits make a difference in math learning. Students grow in their confidence and passion for the subject when they believe they are capable of improving. I continued tutoring in college, working with my peers to master introductory abstract algebra. It is always rewarding to me to help others overcome their assumptions that they’re not good at math.

As a tutor, I find that students benefit from seeing the big picture: they need to know how concepts fit together and build upon each other, and they need to know why they’re doing what they’re doing. I also find that it’s important for students to recognize the applications of what they’re studying so that they can answer the question “Why does it matter?” I create an encouraging environment in my sessions by sharing the challenges I faced and overcame and developing a growth mindset in my students. I believe that if students believe in their abilities, they can master even very complicated material. 

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Pre-Calculus


Happy Parents and Students

 My tutor knew all of the test content very well and was able to teach it to me. She also has many understandings of certain main concepts, so she was able to alter her teaching based on the way I like to do math problems.   Read what others are saying

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