Zoe Zandbergen

Academic Tutor

As a teen, I considered art school, but I honestly just couldn’t give up on mathematics. When I went off to Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, I ended up combining the two and graduating with a minor in studio art and a B.A. in general engineering. In the summers, I illustrated educational engineering stories, taught STEM concepts in LEGO summer camps, and helped San José Library patrons learn how to use the library Makerspace.

Throughout each and every one of my engineering courses, the way I started to understand complex concepts was by working collaboratively. Learning from the book or from my notes frustrated me, but talking about problems let me see them from different angles and illuminated the gaps.

I am always excited to help students collaboratively build a solid understanding of math! Math is a very cool, very big, fascinating, and intricate machine, and it’s often taught to us through glimpses of apparently unconnected parts. I aim to help my students fit the parts together, recognize the connections, and understand how these abstract ideas have practical or bigger-picture implications. It’s easier to develop a deeper understanding of math when you can slow down and truly understand what is happening and why, instead of simply memorizing processes. I also understand the realities of managing academic stress, so I aim to integrate healthy, confidence-building learning strategies, study skills, and habits.

When not tutoring, I draw, paint, read (feel free to ask me for fantasy, nonfiction, or graphic novel recommendations), buy comfy sweaters at thrift stores, and hike all around the Bay Area.

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SAT Subject Math2
Academic Algebra 1
Academic Algebra 2
Academic Pre-Calculus

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