Our Bay Area Tutoring Team

SAT and ACT tutors, math tutors, college admissions counselors, AP tutors, English tutors, and more . . .


We are a Bay Area team of the best 1-on-1 academic tutors, test prep tutors, and college counselors. We’re not just masters of the material we teach; we’re professional tutors who connect with students in a warm and charismatic way.


After passing an initial assessment test, all AJ Tutoring tutors complete a rigorous 50-hour training program. Our team members are selected for strong interpersonal skills and teaching ability.


All test prep team members are masters of reading, writing, and math, so your student only works with one SAT/ACT tutor. Our academic tutors and college counselors are local experts. Most team members are full-time and have been with us for years.


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