Daniel Creger

Test Prep Tutor

I have always had great respect for educators; the impact they have on people’s lives is tremendous. In one way or another, every teacher, tutor, coach, and mentor I’ve had has been a positive influence in my life, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to emulate them. As a tutor, my goal is to give each student the ability to perform at their highest level.

As a Mountain View native, I am well aware of the high level of competitiveness of schools in this area, which affords me the ability to empathize with students’ desire to excel. After graduating from Mountain View High School, I went on to get a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and cell biology from UC San Diego.

Since junior high, I have adopted various roles in an educational capacity, including camp councilor, swim instructor, and de facto academic tutor to friends and family. Then, in college, I took on an official position as a TA. Throughout my experiences, I have come to appreciate the satisfaction gained from witnessing not only academic, but also personal growth in students as a direct result of my efforts.

While I spent the majority of my advanced education studying math and science, I’ve always felt that a broad education is integral to a student’s success. To that end, I took a number of political science, English, and language courses, and nearly took enough psychology courses to declare it as a minor. I believe that broadening my focus greatly improved my overall educational experience. This is something I strive to foster within students: they can expand their knowledge while continuing to play to their strengths.

Standardized tests can be daunting, but they offer opportunities to improve skills that continue to be useful throughout an educational career. I am thrilled to be working with students in order to assist them in advancing toward their own goals and to help remove the SAT as a perceived barrier.

Every student has a different style of learning, and, therefore, tutoring requires a dynamic approach. I strive to cater my teaching style to the needs of each individual student in order to maximize their potential for learning. My empathy allows me to connect with people, affording me the ability to present each student the opportunity to succeed.

Apart from my passion for education, I am an avid hiker, and I enjoy spending time reading, improving my Spanish, and binge-watching the occasional show.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Algebra 2




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