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My name is Myly Nguyen, and I was born and raised in San Jose, California. Having lived in the Bay Area my whole life, I can identify and empathize with the workload and stresses of local students. After high school, I attended UC Berkeley (Go Bears!) where I studied English and Education. At Berkeley, I was able to tutor and mentor a plethora of students of varying levels. From tutoring phonics to mentoring middle school students, I found a sense of purpose and value in imparting my knowledge and experience onto others. I discovered that I had a natural talent for improving students’ English skills, written communication, and critical reading.

After graduating from Berkeley, I pursued my Master’s in Teaching from the University of Southern California through an online program which enabled me to stay in the Bay Area and work with schools in San Jose. During this experience, I was able to teach for my former high school, Silver Creek, as well as a middle school called Joseph George. Afterwards, I returned to Silver Creek, where I taught English for two years.

I believe that teaching is more than just delivering information. Teaching is a craft that is honed over time with lots of experience. Teaching to me is about making connections with my students; I know that not everyone will remember what Caesar’s last words were in Shakespeare’s play, but I would like to know that I have made a difference in how my students perceive themselves as learners and as citizens of the world. I know that learning is a process that cannot be rushed, which is why I am very patient when it comes to making sure that my students are receiving the support and tools they need to succeed. I strive to instill a sense of calm and perspective in my students as they grow in confidence and competence at school.

In my spare time, I enjoy eating! I am a foodie who likes exploring new cuisines and interesting restaurants, but don’t ask me to cook. For someone who enjoys eating as much as I do, I’m surprisingly inept in the kitchen. In addition to my gluttony, I enjoy reading (I am a gigantic Harry Potter nerd), watching all the greatest shows, and spending time with my friends and family.

Subjects Tutored

  • Academic English
  • Academic Study Skills
  • Academic K-8
  • AP English Language and Composition
  • AP English Literature and Composition

Offices Served

  • Los Altos (Fremont Ave)


(650) 331-3251 ext. 690

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“AJ Tutoring was terrific! Our tutor hit Anna with a completely different approach; his style was especially good for Anna. Her improvement gives her a better shot at early admission to Georgetown.”

- Woodside Priory parent and guidance counselor

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"Being an AJ tutor is a dream job.  The 1-on-1 connection with my students is rewarding, and the support and dynamic team atmosphere are awesome."

- Patrick Hennes, AJ team member

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