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Our professional tutors love history, and are up to date on all the major curricula taught at the middle school and high school levels. Our history tutors are insightful editors and writing guides. We’ll help you engage with your history class by tailoring the content of each session to meet your needs.

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AP US History

Academic Tutoring

AP US History (APUSH) students are required not just to memorize history but to explain and interpret it. This classes is known for its heavy, research-intensive writing requirements. Often the longest paper a student writes in high school will be for AP US History class.

Working with our AP History tutors maximizes the excitement and delight of studying US History at the college level.

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AP Test Prep

We help students prep for the AP US History exam both one-on-one and in a group class. On the AP exam, students will need to be familiar with an immense range of material and know how to discuss it with clarity and insight.

Exam time: 3 hours and 15 minutes

AJ’s US history tutors have all taken the published APUSH exams themselves and are familiar with the content and conventions of the AP US History test. Working with an AJ US History tutor minimizes the anxiety of this challenging exam.

AJ also offers an 8-hour prep course for the AP US History Exam in the Spring taught by our US History Department Head. Spots in this class are limited, so we encourage interested students to register well in advance.

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Timothy Wong | Test Prep and Academic Tutor

“While there may be challenges ahead, I want my students to face them with the knowledge that I am firmly in their corner.”

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Menlo Park

Heather Saidak | Academic Tutor

“History is a vital topic, and I work to ensure students understand not just the events that occurred but also the approach and philosophy of history itself.”

Offices Served:

San Jose
Los Gatos (Highway 9)

Matthew Downhour | Client Services Director and Tutor

“I am drawn to US history tutoring because of the opportunity it gives to work one-on-one with students.”

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