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Our thoroughly trained history tutors have a great reputation with students and parents across the Bay Area.

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Our history and social science tutors are passionate about their subjects and committed to helping you excel, whether in class or on a standardized exam.


US History Tutoring

Our US history team helps you integrate events into the larger context of the American story.

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World History Tutoring

10,000 years of human history is a lot to cover. We help you explore themes and master your world history course.

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European History Tutoring

From the Industrial Revolution to the Renaissance, we’re here to help you succeed.

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We teach core principles of economics by helping you identify their roles in real life.

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History in grades 9-12

In high school, memorizing a stream of dates and famous people usually won’t cut it. Let our passionate tutors—knowledgeable in American, European, and world history, as well as in other niche areas—show you how to identify and evaluate the far-reaching relationships among events and movements.


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Our history and social science tutoring process

We are committed to frank discussion and realistic expectations for improvement.



We recommend weekly 90-minute sessions. Working on a regular basis means you’ll retain what you study, avoid “cramming,” and find preparing for final exams to be much less stressful.


We have specialists in US history, world history, economics, and psychology and are up to date on all the major curricula taught at the local middle and high schools.


After getting input from your family, we’ll adapt the program to your learning style and create the right balance of study skills and content review. We’ll tailor the focus of each one-on-one session to meet your needs.


In great theater, the production team’s work behind the scenes enables the actors to reach new heights onstage. In the same way, our team works together to ensure your success.


Learning should be fun.


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Our professional tutors meet with students face-to-face and are experts in local high schools’ curriculum.

 You don't have time to waste, which is why we focus not only on what to study but also on how to study. 
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Meet some of our history experts.

James Backlund

Subjects tutored:

Economics, Spanish, K-8, AP US History, AP World History and AP European History, AP Spanish Literature, AP Microeconomics, AP Macro Economics, AP U.S. Government and Politics

Offices Served:

Menlo Park

“I love tutoring because I help my students see that they can accomplish absolutely anything they want to.”


Katie Noice

Subjects tutored:

US History, World History, European History, Government, Study Skills, K-8, AP US History, AP World History, AP European History, AP US Government & Politics

Offices Served:

Menlo Park and San Carlos

“History for me is not about memorizing lists of dates and names, it is about learning a story. Once you know the story, the dates and names will come along.”


Nick Deehan

Subjects tutored:

English, US History, World History, European History, Government, Study Skills, SAT Literature, SAT US History, SAT World History, AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, AP US History, AP World History, AP European History and AP US Government and Politics

Offices Served:

San Carlos

“When it comes to education, sometimes all you need is one person – one educator – to inspire a passion for learning in a student.”

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