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Our AP Test Prep Group classes are an effective, efficient, and economical way to prepare for AP exams!

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AP Test Prep Classes – small classes with big results, taught by our most veteran instructors

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At AJ Tutoring, we understand the pivotal role Advanced Placement (AP) exams play in a student’s academic career. Excelling in these exams can not only demonstrate mastery in subjects like Math, Science, and History but also significantly enhance college applications. Our AP test prep classes are designed to empower high school students to achieve outstanding AP exam scores, potentially earning college credit and fulfilling requirements for introductory college courses before even stepping foot on campus.


AP Test Prep Classes

Prefer a collaborative learning environment? Our AP Test Prep Classes offer a small group setting that fosters interactive learning and peer support. This option includes comprehensive preparation and a full-length proctored AP practice exam, mirroring the actual test day experience. Discover the synergy of group study and elevate your readiness for the AP exams.

Practice Makes Progress

AJ Tutoring champions the philosophy that practice leads to progress. For this reason, as part of our AP exam prep we offer proctored practice AP exams online to our current students at no additional cost. This resource allows students to gauge their readiness and fine-tune their test-taking strategies, ensuring they approach test day with confidence and competence.

AP exam prep classes that get you results.

 In 2023 90% of AJ Tutoring's students scored a 4 or 5 on the AP exam! 
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